Microsoft Azure App Service

This template contains performance & statistics counters for monitoring Azure App Services


  1. PowerShell modules: Az and Az.Accounts have to be installed prior to running this template on target machine.
  2. To connect with Azure account following parameters are required:
    • subcriptionID
    • ApplicationID
    • TenantID
    • Secret Key
      Note: Any Azure App (with its name & ID) having role as 'contributor or Reader' in Azure access control.
  3. Application name for which metrics have to be calculated and its Resource Group Name.
  4. Time interval for which data has to be fetched (in hours).
  5. PowerShell 5.1 or greater

Script Arguments:

  • Login credentials to access Azure Portal. Azure details have to be passed in script arguments as per prerequisites (comma separated)
    • <SubscriptionID> [string in GUID format]
    • <TenantID> [string in GUID format]
    • <ApplicationID> [string in GUID format]
    • <secretKey> [string]
    • <ApplicationName> [string]
    • <ResourceGroupName> [string]
    • <TimeRange> [decimal] number of hours


  1. To install Azure Az PowerShell module, refer to: Install the Azure Az PowerShell module
  2. Administrator rights on the machine where template would be running. Script should run with administration privilege.
  3. The ApplicationID with which you are making a connection to Azure portal (as mentioned in Credential/Prerequisites) must be registered in Azure Active Directory as contributor or reader role for the monitored application.

Reference link: Tips for adding an Azure AD app for cloud monitoring in the Orion Platform

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Last Updated: 2020-05-03

Deprecation Notice

Previous Template: Microsoft Azure App Service - Application Monitor Templates - Server & Application Monitor has been deprecated

  • Sw a little help. I'm getting the following error when I'm trying to run this script. I have the Az modules install and latest version of PowerShell.                                                                              "[ERROR]Importing Azure module.....
    [ERROR] The specified module 'Az' was not loaded because no valid module file was found in any module directory."