Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instance Database

Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instance Database performance and statistics counters, including utilization and storage statistics.

- parameters ${SUBSCRIPTION_ID}, ${USERGROUP_ID} and ${INSTANCE_ID} set in URL
- OAuth2.0 credentials to be configured, scope set to:

Data polled every 2 minutes by default.

API reference:

New to API Poller templates? Watch API Pollers: When SNMP Won't Cut It and then review the SAM API Poller Template Guide.

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  • Hello, am trying to get this working but running into a roadblock with oauth2.

    Getting the following error

    code : InvalidAuthenticationTokenAudience
    message : The access token has been obtained for wrong audience or resource '00000002-0000-0000-c000-000000000000'. It should exactly match with one of the allowed audiences ''.
    Anyone able to provide any guidance who has got this working please?
    kind regards,