SolarWinds Orion Platform Status Overview

SolarWinds Orion Admin Dashboard


To show Monitoring Engineers/Admins a high-level overview of what is happening within their monitoring environment.

Custom Properties Required

  • None

Orion Platform Version:

  • 2020.2.6 or higher


  • Overall Environment Summary
  • Highest NPM/SAM Usage Percentage
  • Poller Information Status and Performance details
  • Quick Credential Lookup
  • Polling details
  • Alert History and Details
  • Nodes/Volumes/Interfaces with Polling issues details
  • Polling Intervals
  • Quick Custom Threshold Lookup


How to add the dashboard

  • Download the JSON file and then you can refer to this article from  on how to import the JSON.

Special Notes

  • Some of the widgets link out to other Modern Dashboards such as the Alert Dashboard which can be found on this content exchange as well.

Version History

Version Date Changes/Updates
1.0 2021-10-28 Initial Release
2.0 2021-11-09
  • New layout
  • New Alert Widget allows you to acknowledge the alert directly from the widget
  • Improved "Noisy Alert" widgets
2.5 2021-12-22
  • Updated URL links to make use within any environment better
  • Add Number of Alerts by Severity KPI Widget
  • Improved date display on "Alerts per Day" widget to only show Month and Year rather than a long timestamp.
  • Loving this dashboard but having a little issue with it that I'm hoping one of you / someone could advise on...

    The 'Orion Node Performance' widget works, but only shows 5 of our 14 active servers. I say active as not overly bothered if it doesn't show the state of the HA boxes, although it would make sense to have those here as well.

    So I've edited the code in the widget to remove reference to DPA as we don't have it. Other than that it is stock code but for completeness sake looks like:

    ---names server role within SolarWinds Environment---
    	WHEN serv.HostName IS NOT null THEN serv.ServerType
    	WHEN e.ip IS NOT null THEN e.ServerType
    	WHEN env.SQLServer IS NOT null THEN 'SQL Database'
    --	WHEN dpa.DisplayName IS NOT null THEN 'DPA Server'
    	WHEN vm.settingvalue IS NOT null THEN 'VMAN'
    	WHEN pm.settingvalue IS NOT null THEN 'Patch Manager'
    	ELSE ''
    END AS [Server Type]
    	, caption AS [Server Name]
    	, n.Status AS [Server Status]
    	, n.detailsurl as [_linkfor_Server Name]
    	, IP_address
    	, CPULOAD AS [CPUStatusIcon]
    	, n.PercentMemoryUsed AS [MemoryUsed]
    	, n.ResponseTime
    	, n.PercentLoss AS [Packets Loss]
    FROM orion.nodes n 
    	LEFT JOIN orion.OrionServers serv on n.nodeid like serv.nodeid --or serv.hostname like n.caption 
    	LEFT JOIN orion.engines e on n.IP_Address = e.IP 
    	LEFT JOIN orion.Environment env on env.SqlServer like n.Caption + '%' or n.caption like env.sqlserver + '%' or env.sqlserver like n.ip_address+',%\%' or env.sqlserver like n.ip_address 
    --	LEFT JOIN orion.dpa.DpaServer dpa on dpa.displayname like n.Caption+'%' or dpa.displayname like '%'+n.IP_Address+'%' 
    	LEFT JOIN orion.WebSettings pm on pm.SettingName='PM-DataGridServerHost' and pm.SettingValue = n.IP 
    	LEFT JOIN orion.WebSettings vm on vm.SettingName='VManAddress' and vm.SettingValue = n.IP_Address 
    	LEFT JOIN (SELECT count(NodeID) as [CPU Count], nodeid 
    FROM Orion.CPUMultiLoadCurrent 
    GROUP BY nodeid) cpu on cpu.nodeid=n.nodeid 
    	serv.HostName is not null 
    	OR e.ip is not null 
    	OR env.SqlServer is not null 
    --	OR dpa.DisplayName is not null 
    	OR vm.settingvalue is not null 
    	OR pm.settingvalue is not null

    If I just run a default query against Orion.OrionServers I get all of my servers. 

    As a matter of fiddling, I also removed the LEFT in the join for orionservers and that gives me zero results but if I make it a FULL JOIN it shows me 20 results - so my 14 servers plus 6 NULL entries in server name but the IP is right.

    Oh, and my SQL DB never shows up whatever.

    Any ideas please?

  • This is great but I have an error. Can someone help. There seems to be a syntax problem with one of my credentials that is being pulled. RunQuery failed, check fault information. Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value 'SN:00CD19F05316AC5CCB;, CN=localhost, OU=Support, O=Palo Alto Networks, L=Santa Clara, S=CA, C=US' to data type int.

  • Love the dashboard but I am getting an error hopefully comeone can help with.

  • No sure about highlighting but you could add a status symbol that if an alert is X days old a critical symbol can show next to the trigger time. 

  • How did you add this dashboard to your environment?