SolarWinds Active Alert Dashboard

Alert Dashboard


To provide a detailed view of your alerts in easy-to-understand widgets.

Required Custom Properties:



  • List of all active alerts, the element that is causing the alert, the related node, when the alert triggered, and how long it's been triggered
  • Acknowledge the alert directly from the widget by clicking on "Unacknowledged"
  • Once acknowledged, the widget will show the user and timestamp of when the alert was acknowledged
  • List of "Noisy alerts" for the past 30 days.


How to add the dashboard

  • Download the JSON file and then you can refer to this article from  on how to import the JSON.

Version History

Version Date Changes/Updates Author
1.0 2021-11-09 Initial Release the_ben_keen
1.1 2022-04-13
  • Added new column for Most Triggered Alerts table to show if they are "out of the box" or "Custom" alerts
  • Added donut widget with breakdown of active alerts by severity.