Register Passive Agents to SolarWinds Platform

This script will register a passive agent, then scan for resources, and automatically import the resources.

You'll need the following information for registering an agent (outlined within the script as well):

  • Agent Name
  • Agent Hostname
  • Agent IP Address
  • Agent Port
  • Polling Engine ID
  • Shared Secret
  • Proxy ID
  • Auto Update Enabled

Tested with SolarWinds Platform 2022.2.0 and agent 2022.2.0.1952. Currently only tested on a Windows agent as a target, but there's no reason it should not work for a Linux target.

Comments abound, but you are welcome to try it yourself.

  • The Shared Secret for MSI deployed is an empty string (it's documented in the script).

    # Passive Agent Details
    # -------BEGIN-------
    $agentName = 'TestingWindows'
    $agentHostname = 'WIN-9U6765CNCDDCP'
    # recommend using the IP for the hostname as well if domain name resolution won't work
    $agentHostname = ''
    $agentIpAddress = ''
    $agentPort = 17790 # default
    $pollingEngineId = 1 # primary polling engine, otherwise get the ID from the Orion.Engines entity
    $sharedSecret = '' # empty for MST-deployed agents
    $proxyId = 0 # if you are using no proxy, otherwise get the ID from the Orion.AgentManagement.Proxy entity
    $autoUpdateEnabled = $false # default is typically $true
    # --------END--------

  • Shared Secret

    What if agents were deployed with GPO (msi+mst)?