NCM Backup Failures and Reason (- All Clients)

Straightforward report that shows the last time a node tried to backup and its failure message. I also included the vendor and machine type so you can see at a glance if a particular model is causing issues.

Due to our environment being large (in excess of 10K nodes) and covering multiple clients I have also done a JOIN to Orion.NodesCustomProperties so that we can pull in the Client and Client_Site custom properties. We then sort by client and client site. As you will likely not have these then simply remove, comment out, or change to one of your own.

You will also need to edit the ORDER BY(s) to suit.

Full query below to copy/paste or download and import the XML.

Nodes.DisplayName AS [Node Name]
, Nodes.IP_Address AS [IP Address]
, cp.Client
, cp.Client_Site
, ncm.LoginStatus AS [Message]
, LastInventory AS [Last Attempt]
, Nodes.Vendor
, Nodes.Description AS [Machine Type]

FROM Orion.Nodes AS Nodes 

Left Join NCM.Nodes ncm on nodes.nodeid = ncm.corenodeID
JOIN Orion.NodesCustomProperties AS cp ON nodes.NodeID = cp.NodeID
WHERE ncm.LoginStatus not like 'Login Ok'

ORDER BY cp.Client ASC,
         cp.Client_Site ASC