Enabled Alert Query Details

This Report breaks apart your Alert Configurations. Timing, Scope, Trigger and Reset Queries.  Translated to simple text without cracking open each alert. I'm still working out the XML rebuild for proper structure but at this time operators get shifted to the 'end' of the equation portion where it sits. There will be an effort to revisit the data rebuild in the report to better align the equations.

And don't be fooled by a trailing AND that may be present in the trigger details. It seems to be how the scope is Looped In for some alerts.

I am curious as well how well this helps each of my fellow THWACKsters, let me know if you have a minute.

Please note that this report is based on SQL and may not work indefinitely as the underlying database schema changes in future releases.

Tested valid up to (at least) Orion 2020.2.6.

Update 3/9/22 - TO & CC/BCC fields added (in a very disgusting manner - future edit coming to make it right), but for now the Subjet gets included with the CC/BCC