SNMP traps from SQL query example

An example report, to demonstrate retrieving SNMP trap values, from the Trap and TrapVarBinds database tables.

The SQL has two filters, one on IP and one on trap type, which are pretty well wildcarded (SQL uses % as its wildcard character) for this example, please adjust as required.

Once these have been modified the report will show the last 250 traps, or to be more precise the 250 rows of the table, and within each TrapType you will find multiple lines for each trap, each one being a line of the Trap Var(iables)Bind(ings).

You will need to search these traps, to find the bits you want, or specifically the OIDName(s) which contains the OIDValue(s) you are looking for.


Once you have this information, you can add the OIDName(s) and OIDValue(s) to your SQL to limit the returned data to exactly what you need.

You can also use the same logic to build alert triggers.

This report runs without issue on my Orion platform, if you have any issues don't be afraid to ask.