Node Availability Report (Up / Down)

We’ve prepared a custom SQL query to reports node availability for last 30 days

30 days Node Availability – shows outage duration in hours and mins for each node and uptime

  • Newbie question how would I use the XML you uploaded?

    We have a customer that wants to know the availability of their network devices on a monthly basis. We are monitoring their network devices using an ICMP ping every two minutes. The have specified that a successful ping in the availability calculation should be given a value of 1. An unsuccessful ping should be given a value of 0. Network device availability for the month = Successful pings/Number of pings per month.  Using a two minute ping the denominator = (60/2) * 24 * days in month. 

    How can i get the number of successful pings from the SolarWinds database? Would I have to pull the data hourly, or daily? Is each ping result stored separately or are they averaged?  

  • Is this last 30 days, or last Month's?  Your description and title conflict.

    Can you explain some of the calculations?  Like some nodes show 100% availability but also show Total Down time greater than 0.  IE I have a node that shows down for 32mins, 32 secs but shows 100% availability.

    This might be a good base for me, but first need to make sure it is accurate or understand how it is getting the stats.  I'm not very strong in SQL.  In the end I need a report that shows the dates a node was down and time.