Shared Files for the Orion Platform
  • IPAM - Unscanned subnets

    Another foray into IPAM reporting. This report shows all the subnets that are not getting scanned; in most cases, this is probably because scanning is disabled although it could be a firewall or ACL issue as well. This report provides the details on what subnets are not getting scanned, and the subnet settings that may be preventing status updates. We use this as a tool for periodic review. There's probably a lot more information here than is strictly necessary, but I find it helpful.
  • IPAM - Recent IP Status Changes

    I am finding a dearth of information on IPAM, which I find odd as I consider IP address space management to be an essential aspect of network management. At any rate I find myself doing a lot of work right now to extract relevant information so we can better manage our address space effectively, as it has been a bit neglected. I find one of the most prevalent issue are IPAM Reservations that never get used. Note that I am only working with IPAM reservations here, not DHCP reservations. I created...
  • Resources Dependent upon Custom Properties

    This report will enumerate Alerts, Actions, Group Definitions, Reports, and Account Limitations that utilize custom properties in their definition. This is useful as both an audit and as a planning report in the event you'd like to move/add/change existing custom properties. This report DOES NOT contain everything in your SolarWinds Platform that might rely upon custom properties. Please understand the ramifications of deleting custom properties if you plan on doing so. Remove a custom property...
  • Legacy Report Migration - List Views Using Legacy Reports

    This report (Web-Based) will list all legacy reports used by all views. View Name and Report Name are clickable.
  • All Nodes Monitored for Network Configurations

    This report only shows nodes which are configured for monitoring within the Network Configuration Manager portion.
  • ICMP Status Only vs. Paid Nodes report (Hybrid Cloud Observability Only)

    This is a detailed report that will show you which ICMP nodes would be considered for status only nodes, and which ICMP nodes would contribute toward HCO licensing. These categories are (but not limited to), ICMP nodes that: - Are monitoring a virtualized environment (ESX Host, for example) - Have an application template applied to it - Have an API poller applied to it - Are pulling network configurations - Are an SD-WAN controller. (Please note, this report only works with version 2022...
  • Group Member Availability Report for Interfaces (Hourly/Daily/Monthly)

    Build in response to a comment on Group Member Availability Report (Hourly/Daily/Monthly) by nkunstmann , this is a variation with interfaces being shown instead of Nodes.
  • IPAM - IP Address Breakdown

    Build in response to IPAM Report with Custom Property .
  • Group Members - Nodes

    Displays group name and node members.
  • All Defined Custom Properties (2023.3.0)

    This is a rework of the previous All Defined Custom Properties report . This version makes the following changes: Updated the query to utilize Navigation Properties Remove the "For Asset Inventory" entry as it's no longer relevant on the platform. Added a "Manage Custom Properties" link to the page. Added Custom Properties by Name section Added Custom Properties by Data Type section
  • Monthly summary of all device bandwidth

    We have the individual site bandwidth statistics but want to summarize it into one number for each total bytes transmitted, to bytes received and total bytes transmitted and received for the month SELECT [data].[DisplayName] AS [DisplayName] , [data].[Node].[DisplayName] AS [DisplayName1] , [data].[Traffic].[ObservationTimestamp] AS [ObservationTimestamp] , [data].[InstanceSiteId] AS [InstanceSiteId] FROM orion.npm.interfaces AS data WHERE ( ( (([data].[CustomProperties].[INT_TYPE]...
  • Hybrid Cloud Observability License Summary Report

    Attached is a report that would detail how many nodes you have in your environment, as well as what features you are using, polling details, and other useful information for HCO license. Please note, this report will only work for versions 2022.3 and above. Let me know if you have any questions!
  • Hybrid Cloud Observability License Summary Report (Legacy)

    This report has been superseded by the Hybrid Cloud Observability License Summary Report . Please download and use that report.
  • Parent/Child Depency Report

    This report builds from mesverrum and his post here . I've added in the other dependency objects and turned it into a report. The report will show all objects that have a dependency associated with them and who the respective parent and child objects are.
  • Out of the Box Alerts

    A report that allows you to see all of the out over the box alerts. Very useful to share with other teams when working on your alerting strategy