Shared Files for the Orion Platform
  • All Defined Custom Properties (2023.3.0)

    This is a rework of the previous All Defined Custom Properties report . This version makes the following changes: Updated the query to utilize Navigation Properties Remove the "For Asset Inventory" entry as it's no longer relevant on the platform. Added a "Manage Custom Properties" link to the page. Added Custom Properties by Name section Added Custom Properties by Data Type section
  • Monthly summary of all device bandwidth

    We have the individual site bandwidth statistics but want to summarize it into one number for each total bytes transmitted, to bytes received and total bytes transmitted and received for the month SELECT [data].[DisplayName] AS [DisplayName] , [data].[Node].[DisplayName] AS [DisplayName1] , [data].[Traffic].[ObservationTimestamp] AS [ObservationTimestamp] , [data].[InstanceSiteId] AS [InstanceSiteId] FROM orion.npm.interfaces AS data WHERE ( ( (([data].[CustomProperties].[INT_TYPE]...
  • Hybrid Cloud Observability License Summary Report

    Attached is a report that would detail how many nodes you have in your environment, as well as what features you are using, polling details, and other useful information for HCO license. Please note, this report will only work for versions 2022.3 and above. Let me know if you have any questions!
  • Hybrid Cloud Observability License Summary Report (Legacy)

    This report has been superseded by the Hybrid Cloud Observability License Summary Report . Please download and use that report.
  • Parent/Child Depency Report

    This report builds from mesverrum and his post here . I've added in the other dependency objects and turned it into a report. The report will show all objects that have a dependency associated with them and who the respective parent and child objects are.
  • Out of the Box Alerts

    A report that allows you to see all of the out over the box alerts. Very useful to share with other teams when working on your alerting strategy
  • Nodes with Descendants

    More details to be written later... In response to an inquiry: How to calculate total number of element used per Node - Forum - Network Performance Monitor (NPM) - THWACK (
  • Node Status vs Node Polling Method Report

    I had a need to know how the node status was being calculated vs how the node was being polled. I created this report to see the entries for all nodes in my deployment. I also created a similar query to be used individually on a Node Details page. That can be viewed here .
  • SAM Application Usage and Polling Frequency Report

    This report returns the following info: 1: Table of all nodes with assigned application templates and count of all components assigned to that node. 2: Table of all application templates sorted by application polling frequency and component counts
  • Map Summary Report (Nodes)

    Inspiration Original Request Report or Widget to Identify any nodes not included in any map - Orion SDK - The Orion Platform - THWACK ( Related Custom Query Widget Map Membership (Nodes) - Custom Queries - The Orion Platform - THWACK ( Example Run Notes There are many extra Node-specific fields in the query that are NOT being shown in the report. You can add these fields to the report without editing the data source definition.
  • Windows Event Details for a Specific Component Name

    I built this in response to the inquiry from Event Log Message Details report for all monitored nodes. - Report Lab - The Orion Platform - THWACK ( It contains the nodes, the applications, and the components as well as the ID, source, time, and message. It can be easily imported and the Component Name swapped out for one of your choosing.
  • Number of VMs per vCenter

    This virtualization manager report will show you the number of VMs on each vCenter currently in a table, as well as a historical chart for the number of VMs for the last year.
  • Noisy Alert - Understanding which alerts and nodes are the noisiest and general alert config best practice

    details about this report can be found here:
  • SolarWinds Platform Licensing/Polling Usage Report

    Compatible with The SolarWinds Platform/Orion Platform versions 2017.3 or later. Originally discussed on Orion Enterprise License/Polling Report (Observability/NAM/SAM Report) This report is primarily used when working with your account rep to get proper sizing and scaling as your environment expands or contracts. Tested on Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.3.0.
  • Scheduled Reports

    Build in response to Report on where Reports are being sent - Report Lab - The Orion Platform - THWACK ( . Frist block in report shows only scheduled reports (email, save, or print). Second block shows all reports that are not scheduled (in any way). Unfortunately, the actual email addresses are stored in JSON text, so there's no way to "report" on it. If people used good names for the Actions , then you might have the information you'll need. No custom properties are used...
  • SCM SQL Reports - Content Data

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a custom report from Server Configuration Monitor data and I'm attempting to use SQL. There is a column in the SCM_ElementContents table called "Content" that I'd like to add to the report, but when I convert it to varchar from varbinary, the data appears to be encoded and I'm not sure how to get that data to display. Does anyone have any pointers to info on this? The content that I would like to have displayed is console output from a PowerShell script. Here...
  • Switch Stack Membership

    Switch Stack Membership via Custom SWQL Includes: Node Name with Icon and Tooltips enabled ('parent' device in SolarWinds Platform) Stack Member Name Stack Member Model Stack Member Serial Stack Member Software Image Stack Member Type Custom sort order based on Member Type is included for sorting but removed from display. Tested with Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.3 Advanced Enterprise Scale Edition against Cisco 3850 and Cisco 9300 switch stacks