Shared Files for the Orion Platform
  • Config Summary [System Dashboard]

    This is a "system" dashboard for Network Config Management that ships with Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.3.0.
    • 25 Oct 2022
  • SolarWinds Web Terminal(SSH) Dashboard

    Hi Everyone, As Network Engineering I always wants things to be simplified and minimal step to achieve the goal. As we all know SolarWinds act as proxy server to SSH into all network devices but to SSH into first you need to search for specific node and then you need to goto that node summary page where you can locate the SSH link under Node management widget. This in my view has lots of step to just gain ssh terminal access for any particular node. For this reason I have created the following...
    • 19 Oct 2022
  • Solarwinds Modern Dashboard Table Widget Agent Status Base

    Hi everyone, I hope this SWQL query gets helpful to you. You can modify it as you wish and need. For example, you can use TOP n clause, or the ORDER BY n clause, or remove Properties from SELECT or you can add a WHERE clauses, for example WHERE (ConnectionStatus) = 2 SELECT AgentId, Nodes.NodeName, Nodes.DetailsUrl AS [_LinkFor_NodeName], Agent.Uri AS [_LinkFor_AgentID], Agent.NodeId, DNSName, Agent.IP, ConnectionStatus, ConnectionStatusMessage, ConnectionStatusTimestamp, AgentStatus, AgentStatusMessage...
    • 27 Jul 2022
  • Basic Network Dashboard Starting Point

    The purpose of this dashboard is to convey simple, easy to use statistics about your network environment in a quick-to-consume format. This is a great starting point for those who are looking to see the status of the network devices in your environment (default vendors include Cisco, F5 Networks, Inc., and Palo Alto Networks) as well as a few simple tables to show you top utilization of your network devices (vendor set to Cisco with a specific common interface being monitored). With the simplicity...
    • 9 May 2022
  • Overall Node Availability (Last 7 Days)

    This is a breakdown of node availability by Nines as inspired by Uptime Report SQL query - Report Lab - The Orion Platform - THWACK (
    • 7 Mar 2022
  • Overall Status Breakdown - Nodes

    This dashboard was talked about during a THWACK Livecast. I'm sharing it here for anyone who wants to download it.
    • 22 Dec 2021
  • SolarWinds Agent Status Dashboard

    This dashboard includes a single widget that shows you the status of the SolarWinds' Agent installed within your environment.
    • 13 Dec 2021
  • Network Compliance Summary

    Purpose/Inspiration I really enjoy the Modern Dashboard treatment that Sever Configuration Monitor has and I wanted to replicate that with Network Configuration Manager . Custom Properties Required None Additional Information All of the components are custom SWQL-backed, but I kept as many comments in as possible so that it can be configured. I only have a lab environment where I have (nearly) all of the Compliance Policies enabled, so my dashboard looks horrible. Let me know if...
    • 19 Nov 2021
  • F5 Load Balancer

    Purpose: Provide a detailed view into F5 Load balancers. Required Custom Properties None How to add the dashboard: Download the JSON file and then you can refer to this article from KMSigma on how to import the JSON. Please note, the Import/Export of Modern Dashboard requires Orion 2020.2.5 or higher Version History Version Date Changes/Updates 1.0 2021-11-12 Initial Release
    • 12 Nov 2021
  • Team Summary Dashboard

    This is the Dashboard template I use for 'Team' landing pages. I add to the SWQL in each widget a custom property filter that limits the results to the things the team cares about. My property is name 'Support_Group' so I add a Where statement (or add to it) like the line below. Where N.CustomProperties.Support_Group like 'Team Name' The Active Alerts is shamelessly borrowed from the_ben_keen and KMSigma because theirs was better than mine. The Events are filtered to show Down events or restarts...
    • 10 Nov 2021
  • Overall Node Status Dashboard

    Purpose: To provide a detailed view of the nodes in your system by overall node status Required Custom Properties: None Features: Nodes are broken down by over status Widgets include node vital stats How to add the dashboard Download the JSON file and then you can refer to this article from KMSigma on how to import the JSON. Version History Version Date Changes/Updates 1.0 2021-11-09 Initial Release 1.1 2021-11-10 Fixed issue with System...
    • 9 Nov 2021
  • SolarWinds Active Alert Dashboard

    Purpose: To provide a detailed view of your alerts in easy-to-understand widgets. Required Custom Properties: None Features: List of all active alerts, the element that is causing the alert, the related node, when the alert triggered, and how long it's been triggered Acknowledge the alert directly from the widget by clicking on "Unacknowledged" Once acknowledged, the widget will show the user and timestamp of when the alert was acknowledged List of "Noisy alerts" for the past...
    • 9 Nov 2021
  • SolarWinds Orion Platform Status Overview

    Purpose To show Monitoring Engineers/Admins a high-level overview of what is happening within their monitoring environment. Custom Properties Required None Orion Platform Version: 2020.2.6 or higher Features Overall Environment Summary Highest NPM/SAM Usage Percentage Poller Information Status and Performance details Quick Credential Lookup Polling details Alert History and Details Nodes/Volumes/Interfaces with Polling issues details Polling Intervals Quick...
    • 28 Oct 2021
  • Monitored Entities Needing Attention

    Inspired by this conversation . Requires no custom properties.
    • 25 Oct 2021
  • Default Colors/Icons for Orion Statuses

    Given the plethora of possible statuses on the Orion Platform, I found it easier to have a visual representation so that I can better understand how certain items based on status will appear. Because of that, I wrote this. Custom Properties Required: None
    • 14 Oct 2021