Maintenance View - Device Model Counts - Cisco

I built a handful of "Maintenance - Device Stats" pages, each tweaked a tiny bit to accommodate the different vendors and where/how they like to store the device data. For these maintenance pages, each vendor has at least 3 different sections which our Engineers and Analysts can quickly  and easily search and sort to find the info they need.

The person planning the firmware upgrades can easily see how many different versions, and/or models, of equipment need to be upgraded, as well as uptimes, last login status, and most recent NCM config backup timestamps.

The attached SWQL query pertains to the (2) widget shown in the screenshot below. This is a super simple widget which just counts how many of each different machine type and shows the totals. You can easily change the query filter to count models from a different vendor.

Widget (1) - Device Stats:

Widget (2) - Device Model Counts: You are here

Widget (3) - Device Model & Firmware Counts:



While I cannot remember where all the various pieces of this query originated, I do know it was from folks in this community, so I'll just credit THWACK. (Which is basically what I'll need to say for anything and everything I post...)



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