Shared Files for the Orion Platform
  • JSON Notes

    Hi New to Thwack. Hoping someone can help. Within our SW Web Heldpesk, i have a JSON file to import code into the helpdesk and everything is populating as expected into SW, except for 1 field. I am trying to populate the "Notes" Box, but no matter what option i use, notes, TechNotes, shortDetail, latestNote, TicketNotes, ClientNotes - nothing appears to populate. I have been on to support team who have advised to try Thwack to see if anyone can help. KR Patrick
    • 8 Aug 2023
  • Display Unique Google Map Per Group

    This Custom HTML Widget allows for you to add a Google Map to your Group Details page without any customizations to SW what-so-ever. How? It utilizes the World Map Lat / Long fields for Groups! Super easy if you have an existing API KEY for Google Maps. If your group doesn't have the Lat / Long field, it adds a customizable message and resizes the DIV. The map will re-center based on the group Lat / Long once rendered. 1) Add Custom HTML Widget into the Group Detail page 2) Paste the...
    • 23 Mar 2023
  • Using live graphs on summary pages

    I like to create pages that show, at a glance, the overall health of elements in my environment. i.e. number of clients per AP, temperature of devices or sensors, number of current VPN connections and such. You can find this information on the individual pages of each device, but that's tedious. You can find the information on a table, but that's numbers on a page. With graphs you get a quick visual and by having them all on one page then anomalies jump right out. You can see by the sample how the...
    • 17 Feb 2023
  • Display Unique Map per Group

    Pasting the code into a custom HTML Widget on a group view allows for a different map per group 1) Add Custom HTML Widget into the Group Detail page 2) Create and name a group 3) Create and name an Orion Map exactly the same name as the Group you want this map tied to (not network atlas - this won't work for that) 4) Paste the contents of the attached file into the Custom HTML Resource Rinse and repeat per group/map creation
    • 27 Dec 2022
  • Show a view on the Group screen, where there is a view with the same name

    I wrote this script to emulate the old Atlas map control, where the name of the group on the current screen is used to lookup and show a view, if it exists with the same name. It also will hide the atlas map control if there something to show. This could be used on other screens with some modification. The group screen HTML document title is the name of the group and this is used to feed into a query to lookup the view. Add an HTML control, after the Atlas map control <a id="detailed_view...
    • 8 Dec 2022
  • Alert HTML Content

    Hello, I would like to share the HTML template details we have prepared so that Solarwinds alarms can become more meaningful. It can list alarm object details and connected device details separately in HTML template. Except for object and device details, you can easily add custom property information defined on solarwinds into this html template. You can use Online HTML editor for customize HTML template Alert Cleared: <table border="2" width...
    • 1 Dec 2022
  • Node Status Summary Widget

    A small widget that shows a summary of nodes by status.
    • 13 Apr 2022
  • Orion Custom SWQL Query Search & Reference Table

    This is a simple table (using Google Charts) which lists all custom query widgets, as well as their contents. This table can be used to reference all of the customer query widgets and SWQL code currently implemented throughout an environment. I typically just use a standard custom query widget to display all my SWQL, instead of this fancy table, but I very much prefer the cleaner layout of the table. To use this, you will need to download this HTML/JavaScript file, add a "Custom HTML" widget...
    • 10 Dec 2021
  • NCM Scheduled Jobs Timeline

    I use this widget, labeled (3) in the screenshot below, to visually track my NCM jobs. When planning out various NCM jobs, I do my best not to overlap my running jobs. While I'm sure Orion can handle running a few jobs in tandem, I simply prefer to spread them out since it's an option. Many moons ago, a quick glance at this chart helped me to easily find NCM jobs which were overlapping. This made it easy for me to spread the jobs out. Widget (1) - Current Node Status Summary: https://thwack...
    • 12 Nov 2021
  • World Clock (with Javascript)

    Simple example of a World Clock using Javascript. Shows that you can use Javascript within HTML Widgets.
    • 1 Nov 2021
  • Monthly Availability (Last 12 Months)

    Using the Google Charts API, display Monthly Availability for the past year. Requires Internet Connectivity from your browser to Comments are in the HTML Code. Note: This requires disabling the HTMLResourceSanitizationEnabled setting on modern versions of the platform. This can be done in the Advanced Configuration area of the web. Please review the possible risks is making this change.
    • 14 Oct 2021