Custom Property Automation - Site/Country/Region

Hello there, 

The Problem

Custom Properties are a very important tool for organising your SolarWinds platform, and many administrators choose to be very granular when it comes to how they group devices. This becomes even more important when you work in an operations environment where you are looking after multiple sites, across multiple countries and regions. 

However, filling in custom properties is often not done, or not done correctly so this automation alert is intended to take some of the hassle out of managing these properties.

The Solution

This alert checks for nodes that have a 'Site' custom property filled in but that have an incorrect or empty 'Country' and 'Region' custom property. It will then change the Custom Properties to match. It is designed to run overnight just after the automatic discoveries are ran in order to pick up new devices new devices quickly.

We are using Worthing (Prosperon HQ) for the example, but it is easy to change the trigger and actions to support any others. The idea would be to duplicate this alert for each site:

Before the alert runs:

After the alert runs:

The nice thing about sites and regions, is unlike other automation targets there is less likelihood of devices that don't match the filter, seeing as though countries rarely change regions. (Keep Brexit jokes to the minimum please!)

This is designed to be an entry level automation alert so if you have any questions or suggestions as to changes, I'd absolutely love to hear them. 

Kind regards,

Marlie Fancourt | SolarWinds Pre-Sales Manager

Prosperon Networks | SolarWinds Partner since 2006