Shared Files for the Orion Platform
  • Automatically Change Interface Polling Interval (Automation)

    This alert is used to automatically change the polling interval of a busy interface by using a script (found in Script to change an Interface's polling interval (Used with alerting) ) Have a look at Dynamically change interface polling interval using alerts and PowerShell for a detailed explanation how it works and the drivers behind this automation.
  • Alert when an agent is not communicating for 30 minutes

    Custom SWQL Alert to alert when a SolarWinds Agent is not communicating for 30 minutes.
  • Group Based Alert Based on Percentage of Group Members with a status that are not "green"

    Thanks to this thread I made a small tweak to this custom SWQL based alert - NPM Alert based on percentage of group members status? This will look at member status as the criteria to focus on any status of a member other than "green" (1) join (select count(Name) as [Total], containerid FROM Orion.ContainerMembers group by containerid) t on t.containerid=Groups.containerid join (select count(Name) as [Down], containerid FROM Orion.ContainerMembers where status!=1 group by containerid) d on...
  • Force HA Failover when a certain percentage of SolarWinds Agent per polling engine reach an unknown state

    Overview We have a unique scenario where a certain amount of SolarWinds Agents go into an unknown state. While we are still investigating the root cause, we noticed that if the Polling Engine assigned to those agents fails over using HA, then the agents will eventually reconnect. This alert uses a fairly extensive SWQL query to look for certain conditions before it triggers. You will need to update three items in this query to adapt this to your deployment. Update the following items ...
  • Windows Service Restarter Alert

    I have created an alert that will attempt to restart a Windows service twice when it goes down in our environment. This has been super handy for some of our applications. However, I do want to note that this may not be a good solution for ALL applications. As some applications have a specific order that the services need to be restarted in. Please be sure you fully understand your application before using this alert. The alert in our environment has a "Send an Email" action in the Escalation Level...
  • 01_C2_OS - Cisco IOS XE Devices

    The devices listed here are known to run Cisco IOS-XE
  • 01_C2_OS - Cisco IOS Devices

    These devices listed here are known to run Cisco IOS.
  • Alert on Unmanaged Node for more than 30 days

    I have developed an Alert to trigger on Nodes which are unmanaged for more than 30 days. It's a Custom Query Alert which is written based on Audit Events as unmanaged objects can't trigger an alert unless we update/check the box under Polling Settings to trigger actions on unmanaged objects. This alert will work even without enabling trigger action on unmanaged objects under polling settings. Trigger Condition :
  • Alert on Muted Node for more than 3 days

    I have developed an Alert to trigger on Nodes which are muted for more than 3 days. It's a Custom Query Alert which is written based on Audit Events as once node is in Muted state it can't trigger an alert. Trigger Condition :
  • Component Process Count over Threshold (Linux)

    The Process Monitors for components have out of the box thresholds for: CPU Physical Memory Virtual Memory I/O Read I/O Write I/O Total But one we're missing is for process count. This is an effort to implement a workaround to alert when a count is over a certain threshold. Type: Custom SWQL This is the basis of the alert in SWQL from the alert (but there are additional notes in the alert) SELECT TOP 1000 [Component].Uri , [Component].DisplayName FROM Orion.APM.Component...
  • New Synology DSM Version Available

    This alert is triggered when a new version of the Synology DSM software is detected. This detection is made by the Device Poller also available for download ( Synology Network Attached Storage - Device Pollers - Network Performance Monitor ).
  • UnDP value change alert

    Hi there, I've been working on this today and I think I finally worked up a solution. Basically this alert uses a custom SQL query which will check if the status value of the UnDP has changed, if so it will get triggered. I've searched in the forums for this solution but I couldn't find it so I though I might share it in case someone finds it helpful. Here is the query: SELECT CustomPollerAssignmentView.AssignmentName , CustomPollerAssignmentView.CustomPollerAssignmentID FROM CustomPollerAssignmentView...
  • Custom Property Automation - Site/Country/Region

    Hello there, The Problem Custom Properties are a very important tool for organising your SolarWinds platform, and many administrators choose to be very granular when it comes to how they group devices. This becomes even more important when you work in an operations environment where you are looking after multiple sites, across multiple countries and regions. However, filling in custom properties is often not done, or not done correctly so this automation alert is intended to take some of the...
  • Too many reboots by a Node

    Occasionally SNMP or the device itself will restart frequently due to an issue. This alert identifies the node, currently set to 4 times in 30 minutes.
  • Replacement High CPU Load Alert

    I have never been a fan of the out of the box alert for high CPU in Orion. It is a static value and in no installation I have ever worked on, has a single value been appropriate for all devices. This alert definition uses the Critical threshold value, for which you can specifity at the global level (Settings > Orion Thresholds) or at the Node object level (Edit Node). This gives much greater control over the correct alert condition for each device. Within the settings, you will see I have a delay...
  • Alert if the Polling Engine is not updating new data

    This alert looks to see if any polling engines have not updated the database in the last 10 minutes, which is an indication that either the polling function has stopped, or database connectivity has been lost.
  • Update Node Region (Custom Property) based on Caption

    Updates the Node Region (a custom property) based on the Caption of the Node. Requires a text Custom Property type for Nodes called "Region."