Web Help Desk API - Working Qualifiers for Ticket and Note queries in 2022


I have a similar question as the thread over here: https://thwack.solarwinds.com/product-forums/web-help-desk-whd/f/forum/28386/rest-api-qualifier-values/32958#32958

Specifically I'm trying to use qualifiers for the Tickets endpoint and TicketNotes endpoint. The TicketNotes endpoint isn't listed as supported, so that one is understandable.

For the Tickets endpoint, I find that for the vast majority of the listed qualifiers I end up returning a server 500 error and a "That's an error." message. I've experimented with only using listed fields in the guide, with returned fields from the single ticket detail, and using the list I linked above. Almost all qualifiers built this way return that error 500.

Example: (subject like '*') returns the latest 25 tickets as expected. (detail like '*') throws a 500 error.

This is in addition to multiple undocumented attributes being used in the example boxes for qualifiers in the guide. I only found out I need to use clientTech.clientId to filter by tech id by double checking all the example boxes. And I still don't understand statustype.listFilterType as it seems to only work to filter open tickets and no other status types and again, only shows up in example boxes. This has left me pretty lost as to what this api actually looks like qualifier wise.

Does anyone have an up-to-date guide or list of working qualifiers to search tickets by?

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