Shared Files for Network Performance Monitor
  • Vertiv Emerson Liebert UPS Battery Environmentals

    This is some work I did for Vertiv Emerson Liebert UPS Devices. The SNMP MIB Name is the LIEBERT-GP-FLEXIBLE-MIB polling data. Poller Data Includes: VertivUPSBatChargePercent - UPS Battery Charge Percentage *VertivUPSBatStatus - Need to verify if a depletion condition will change this status. So far it reports Normal when on battery only load. VertivUPSBatTimeRemain - Remaining time in Minutes. Alert threshold preset for 60 at Warning and 30 Critical. *VertivUPSChargeStatus - Remained...
  • APC Switched Rack PDU (AP8000)

    APC Switched Rack PDU (AP8000) to get values for Total Device Load (KW) Phase L1 Load (A) Bank 1 Load (A) Bank 2 Load (A) APC has a Management GUI where list these values. Example for OIDs and example values Load Status Overload Range . = INTEGER: 40 4.0 KW >rPDU2DeviceConfigNearOverloadPowerThreshold.1 - Warning . = INTEGER: 50 5.0 KW rPDU2DeviceConfigOverloadPowerThreshold.1 - Critical .
  • Jacarta iMeter

    UnDP for Jacarta iMeter devices. The MIB is different to interSeptor. This provides you with the Temperature and Humidity tabular polled values as well as the status for all sensors.
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  • Dell iDRAC Universal Device Pollers

    This is a bundle of Universal Device Pollers and transforms that I created and have used against iDRAC 7, 8 and 9 devices. It may work with other versions as well. amperageProbeReading | amperageProbeReadingInAmps | (Transform) amperageProbeStatus | chassisServiceTagName | chassisStatus | coolingDeviceReading...
  • UnDP for Cisco Thin Access Points via WLC

    This UnDP, when applied to a Cisco WLC, will retrieve serial numbers, IP addresses, names, models and software versions for all connected Thin Access Points.
  • UnDP PDUs Tripp Lite

    Hi, I review the OIDs whith the dashboards in the http://PDU and created Custom pollers and calculators.
  • LinuxMemoryUNDP

    Linux Common OIDs memTotalSwap memAvailSwap memTotalReal memAvailReal memTotalFree memMinimumSwap memShared memTotalFree memCached Formulas for Memory Utilization: a) Memory Utilized = ( ( Total - Free Memory ) / Total...
  • CloudGenix UnDPs

    I am attaching this file. This should be a group of 4 UnDPs that are used to monitor CloudGenix devices. The monitor the following Remote_Circuit_Name Tunnel_InBytes Tunnel_OutBytes Tunnel_Status I'm also working on coming up with an alert that will trigger when all of one type of tunnels are down. Stay tune for that as jm_sysadmin are still working out a few bugs.
  • Cisco FirePower Hardware

    Simpel UnDP for Firepower hardware, tested on a 9300, but guessing it works for similiar models as well. Has the following details
  • HP C7000 Blade Slot Info

    The UNDP Attached to this post works on showing the Blade Slot info Including the Blade Name and Serial, Slot Number, and Slots Used  Some math and logic would  be needed to ingest the last slots used numbers.  The C7000 has the capability of many slot configurations so you need to know once using a tabular device poller or poller status which amount of slots your chassis is configured for.  Then you can play with the labels to find out the slot or and configuration once in the widget label selection...
  • BlueCoat CAS Universal Device Poller

    Hi, The attached UnDP allows to poll useful BlueCoat Content Analysis System (CAS) OID. It contains: - Bytes and files Scanned - Cache hits - Virus detected - ICAP and Secure ICAP files scanned and virus detected - Number of days remaining on License - Table with CPU, Memory, Network and Disk usage Tested with Blue Coat CAS Virtual Appliance, Version: & Enjoy!
  • SilverPeak UnDP With Alarm Table

    Used the work from @ david.carter3 in the post Silver Peak UnDP . I added: spsActiveAlarmDescr spsActiveAlarmName spsActiveAlarmSeverity spsActiveAlarmSource The table will need some slight formatting work for the view to display as a combined table.  See
  • Cisco FirePower

    I've been missing the Solarwinds native hardware polling for the Cisco Firepower 4110. So here are some chassis and equipment pollers for the Cisco Firepower. enjoy cfprComputeBladeOperState ok 2:45 PM cfprComputeBoardOperPower on 2:45 PM cfprComputeBoardPower ok 2:45 PM cfprComputeBoardSerial XXXXXXXXXX 2:26 PM cfprComputeBoardThermal ok 2:45 PM cfprComputeMbTempStatsFmTempSenIo 32 2:45 PM cfprComputeMbTempStatsFmTempSenRear 35 2:45 PM cfprEquipmentChassisOperState operable 2:45 PM cfprEquipmentChassisPower...
  • Cisco WAAS connections

    This Universal poller was created to monitor the current connections on Cisco WAAS ( Cisco Wide Area Application Services) . cwoTfoStatsActiveOptConn = Number of currently active TCP connections getting optimized. cwoTfoStatsActivePTConn = Number of active Pass Through TCP connections (connections not selected for optimizatio). MaxConexiones = Maximum number of active TCP connections. TotalAConexionesActivas = cwoTfoStatsActiveOptConn + cwoTfoStatsActivePTConn
  • Cambium 650 PTP RX Level

    Universal Device Poller for monitoring the receive power for the Cambium 650 PTP Microwave Radios.
  • Juniper-IVE iso(1).org(3).dod(6).internet(1).private(4).enterprises(1).juniper-ive(12532) JUNIPER-IVE-MIB
  • CPU_Manufacturer

    The name of this processor. For example: 80386
  • OTV-state

    Universal Device Poller to get the the Overlay VPN State. Will return 'other', 'down', or 'up' Thanks to rhrohde ​ and ryan.davis26 ​ for pointng me in the right direction for this. I did some searching and found this nice write-up from Stephen J. Occhiogrosso OTV OID | CCIE or Null! This led me to finding this reference ​ Edit - This appears to only work on NX-OS, and not on IOS-XE
  • Netbotz_Fahr_Temp

    I use this UnDP to monitor the temperature of the sensors connected to the NetBotz 570.  Tree out this MIB ( if you want to monitor humidity, dew point etc.
  • Cisco_2960_Fan_Status

    This UnDP will display the fan status of a Cisco 2960 as OK or Error.