Web Help Desk Client Admin Role Capabilities


I am trying to make it so that my basic client role can only view curtain tickets while other clients can view more. I cannot seem to figure this out with my current set up without handing out a lot of licenses. I know that the client admin role has a few capabilites with it and thought that I might be able to minipulate it in some way to make this two levels of request type view on only the clients and not between Techs and clients. Has anyone had luck with this or attempted anything like it with there own environment(s)?

  • Good morning,

    If I understood this correctly then this can be achieved if you link Request Types to Departments. Meaning that members of Department A can see all tickets with Request Types they have permissions to see and members of Department B can see a different set of Request Types.

    To achieve this WHD need to synchronize with AD the OU department. We planned to use this because we wanted that a specific group of people only can see a specific set of Request Types when they log into the WHD portal.