Feature request - Option to insert link to solution

Would it possible to add an option to insert the solution url (portal view) into a incident comment rather than what we can do now in copying the solutions content into the comment.

Whilst this works, it does not incentivise the use of the helpdesk self service portal if they are an email to IT based user. By proving the link to the solution, they get exposed to the portal.

At the moment we are trying to give a real push to users to use the the portal primarily rather than sending in emails (via tough love, let me google that for you style). This means going to portal view, finding the solution, copy and pasting the url in the incident comment, with additional advice on how to search in future where appropriate.

It would be handy to not have to switch views to do this.

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  • Hi - Make sure to add this to the Feature Requests section if you haven't already. I believe their product team regularly reviews the requests there

    One workaround for this though is that you can actually use the "Attach a Solution" button to get the link for the solution. If you go through the normal steps of clicking Attach > Existing Solution, and then search for your solution, you can right click on the name of the solution to copy the link to it. Then you can exit out of the Attach A Solution window and paste the link into the comment. It's not perfect, but it should help you avoid having to leave the incident page.

    Click Attach > Existing Solution

    then, search for the solution, right click the solution name, and Copy Link.