Server Tracking - Asset or CMDB

I'm beginning to build out our CMDB with servers, printers, network equipment, etc. and I'm having a hard time deciding between the CMDB and "Other Assets" for tracking.

By default, the CMDB contains CIs for all of the items I would need. This makes me believe that this is where I should be creating these items.

For example:

  • Access Point
  • Computer
  • Database
  • Firewall
  • Network Device
  • Printer
  • Server
  • Switch

However, it's missing the "Asset Lifecycle" where I can track events for that asset over time (i.e. serviced, inventoried, and deployed).

How do you use Samanage / SolarWinds Service Desk for asset tracking? How do you balance what's an "asset" and what's a "configuration item"?

** I will mention that we're not using any asset discovery software at this time, though that may change. **

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