Unlocking Excellence: Navigating the Top Resolvers Report in Your Data-Driven Storytelling Journey

Top Resolvers – Part of the Report Series: Mastering the Art of Reporting: Your Essential Guide to Data-Driven Storytelling

This report highlights performance based on the assignee/technician who resolved the most tickets within a given time period. It can be run for a specific team, category, or the entire organization.

What Story Does This Report Tell?

This report unfolds the narrative of volume closers. The larger the organization, the more focus on this type of throughput you will observe. By adding filters to report on specific individuals and grouping by “Resolved by” or “Assigned to” at the time of resolution, you can measure specific teams. Similarly, setting filters for specific categories, while still grouping by resolvers, helps identify who supports a particular type of service the most. While this doesn't provide a full picture of the amount of work being done (weights for each type of work are needed for that), it offers a great overview of the powerhouse of ticket closure.

So What Can I Do With This Information?

It's common to report on this on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. This can be used to track individual performance and inspire increased performance across teams through friendly competition. As you begin reporting on this, use it as a baseline to measure progress for individuals. For example, if last week you resolved 25, aim for 30 this week, and so on.

Another variation is changing from a “volume” report to an “over time” report. For instance, reporting on your five team members, set filters to report on “Resolved Last Week,” include only your team members, and set the resolution to “Daily.” Group by resolver to see how individuals on your team are performing each day throughout the week. This lets you spot potential consistencies in good days and bad days.

While volume isn’t the sole key measurement in a successful service provider, avoid getting caught up focusing too much on just resolutions. It is only one of many factors contributing to excellent performance. Leverage this report to identify potential rockstars, address concerns, and nurture areas that need attention.

As with all reports, you can add filters to focus on specific parts of the organization or certain types of issues.

I hope this review of the Top Resolvers Report was helpful. Remember, this is a discussion post, so I encourage you to share your thoughts, collaborate, and discuss!