The Future of FAQ's in Web Help Desk

It has come to my attention that the any of the images that we have previously pasted into our FAQ's are no longer visible by design in Web Help Desk. 
That's I've been told, because of efforts being made to shore up the security of Web Help Desk.

However, several competitor products (i.e. Ivanti) allow you to paste images directly into fields on various screens throughout the application and have them be visible, without going through the extraordinary step of uploading the image to a secondary host (i.e. an FTP site or separate web server) like Web Help Desk requires you to do now.  These seemingly superior applications are somehow able to support the "paste an image into a rich text field" and still maintain system integrity and data security.

Then why would SolarWinds essentially abandon an entire feature that's existed in Web Help Desk for years and not offer a true alternative?  For example, why can't Web Help Desk be augmented to allow insertion of images from today's image hosting sites that no longer use standard URL's?  (e.g. Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive)

Gone are the days of uploading image files separately to an FTP site or separate HTTP server - here are the days of hosting images on free sites like what Google and Microsoft offer.  So for example, I was able to PASTE the following image directly into this post - I didn't upload it and it's not "hosted" elsewhere - it's embedded directly into this post.

Suddenly Web Help Desk can't do the same?  If you're a SolarWinds employee, look into Case # 01169091 and let me know if I got the correct answer?  The point is, pasting images into FAQ's needs to be a feature.  Images are what makes FAQ's most powerful.  Having to resort to text only FAQ's isn't an FAQ - it's a death sentence...for Web Help Desk.

Can anyone at SolarWinds speak to why this feature just suddenly fell off the product map?  It's really wrong!

  • I think it has been like this for a while, what release are you using?

  • We're using 12.7.10 - Build #  The functionality disappeared only one or two versions prior.  I think it's a whole scale adminssion that Web Help Desk isn't even a viable product for the future.  Not only aren't they doing any NEW features (they're only fixing old bugs and making new bugs)...while letting existing features just die off.  It's kind of wrong for the price.

  • WHD12.7.10+ HF1 then. I do speak to the Product Manager of WHD and new Features are coming now they have addressed other security issues in the last update 12.7.11 and a few before.

    Has this been logged with SW Support and if so how far in the food chain did this get escalated?

  • I don't honestly know how far it went.  Please see support ticket 01169091.  I got the impression from the technician who processed the ticket, that this was just not something anyone in the corporation was taking up.  It felt to me as if there wasn't going to be any kind of effort to fix or change FAQ's to work differently.  I felt like the message I got was that Web Help Desk isn't going to be developed any further than what exists today.

  • @oag_gcsd - Do  look forward to new features in next release.

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