Updating tickets via email

I apologize if I’m asking something that everyone else knows or is documented somewhere that I haven’t immediately found, but I am looking for a list of values that can be used in the subject of an email to change a ticket. Thanks to one post I found, I found that the following subject line can be used to add a hidden tech note to a ticket (ticket #997 in this example):

Ticket:997 Action:TechUpdate Hidden:YES

I feel sure other actions and/or parameters can also be passed though. I’m mostly interested in how to change the status of a ticket (e.g. open, pending, resolved, closed, etc…) via an email. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Thank you! I was able to use several of these to help me. Status:Pending worked for example as did MinutesWorked:5 (5 being the example value I used of course). I think I can do most of what I was looking for now. One field left though is a custom field we have but I think this might be more tricky since it's a custom field. If anyone knows of other supported parameters (including support for custom fields), Please let me know but I already appreciate the help received this far quite a lot!

  • I haven't been able to get custom fields to work.  I know you can include them in outbound emails by using the display order number.  For example if you want to include a custom field in an email the tag would be <custom_10> or whatever the display number is for that field.  Haven't been able to get it to work for updating tickets via email though.