Celebrate 20 Years of THWACK: The Ultimate Community for IT Pros

Hey there, fellow IT pros!

I'm super excited to share some amazing news with you today. The SolarWinds THWACK Community launched on June 9, 2003, and is celebrating 20 years of helping IT professionals do their jobs better.

In our (possibly probably biased) opinion, THWACK is the gold standard of online communities for IT pros managing networks, systems, and IT infrastructure.

THWACK is a place where you connect with other IT pros, learn from experts, share your knowledge, get tips and tricks, access free tools and resources, and participate in fun contests and challenges. You can also provide feedback and suggestions to the SolarWinds product team and influence the future direction of the software. THWACK has grown tremendously over the years, thanks to the passion and dedication of its members. Today, THWACK has (checks the counter) over 195,000 active members (and growing daily), more than 1 million posts, and thousands of active discussions on various topics related to IT management and observability.

In light of those achievements, the Community Managers are pleased to offer you...

THWACK Store Discount

To celebrate this milestone, we are offering everyone 20% off all store items* for 20 days in celebration of 20 years. From today until June 29, all items in the THWACK store are discounted. On June 30, the prices will revert to their normal cost. Be sure to complete your checkout before June 30, 2023.

Birthday Puzzle

We like to celebrate special days with special tasks - in this case a mini-mission in the form of the BRAIN!!POWER cryptogram. Decode the message, respond with the answers and you'll be in the running for a Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom prize bundle.

Movies and Mainframes

There's a new podcast on THWACK. Join Andy Garibay (), Thomas LaRock (), and some guests for Movies and Mainframes. There are countless movies and television shows out there that portray technology. Sometimes movies and TV shows got technology right, sometimes they get it wrong, and then sometimes they get it ridiculously wrong. In the inaugural episode, Andy and Thomas discuss the 1995 thriller, The Net. More episodes coming soon, so subscribe on your favorite player or listen right here on THWACK.

Memory Dump

We also want to hear from you. Share some of your experiences about THWACK. Join the discussions on the THWACK Community Discussions in the THWACK Command Center and tag it with THWACK20 so we can all share in the nostalgia. Need some brain fodder to kick start a discussion? Why not consider...

  • Sharing how THWACK became part of your story and how it has helped you in your IT career
  • Taking a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most popular and memorable posts on THWACK
  • Finding one of your first questions, discussions, or feature requests and tell us how far you've come in your career since those early days
  • Telling everyone about that "aha" moment when something on THWACK inspired you to re-think a solution
  • Explaining what took you from being a lurker on the community to a full-fledged THWACKster

Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate with your fellow THWACKsters and show your appreciation on this awesome community. I’ll be sharing some of my memories and I hope to see you joining the discussions!

A store discount for 20 days, a custom mission puzzle, a brand-new podcast, and a place to share and collaborate with everyone? Yep, we are all celebrating this anniversary. Even after 20 years, it’s still a great time to be on THWACK.

Happy THWACKing to all!

* Discount is only valid to physical items. Vouchers are not included in this promotion.

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