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Automation to convert Incident to Service Request


I know we can convert form Incident to SR manually. I'm looking for a way more automation so that I don't have to do it each time. I have some user put in Incident request without looking at the tile I created. How can I kick conversion automated so that I don't have to feel annoying to do it myself? The automation rules seems only update the record but not changing the ticket type. Thanks a lot. 

  • Howdy!

    While this isn't possible today, this sounds like a great candidate to be a Feature Request. 

  • Per Sean's point, this ask is a good candidate for a feature request. Nevertheless, I would like to ask: What kind of automatic criteria would you have used if incident to service request conversion was supported via automation rules? Would you base the conditions on keywords, specific cat/subcat combinations, or something else? A detailed example would help us better understand the use case and come up with the best possible solutions.