Reporting based on a custom field


I've searched for this and found very little that I could use and wondered if someone was able to suggest an alternative idea, if what I am trying to do isn't do-able. 

I have a custom field with a date field for Date Required across all tickets. I wish to build a simple report to monitor the number of tickets that are beyond the Date Required (over due) or due in the week (imminent).

I have taken over the helpdesk which hasn't had any TLC for the best part of 6 years and I'm trying to make it a useful piece of software that adds value to both the data team and our customers.

All suggestions are welcome, the field is marked as searchable (something I found here) but I am still unable to report against it, either using the custom field as a filter or as a row/column in the main dataset.

Thanks in advance for any help!