I have a complex requirement... can anyone help?

So. Dynamic Forms don't work on incidents created via the Service Catalog items (Service Requests). There are various other "Blockages" to linking a lovely dynamic form to an underlying process.

I want a progressively dynamic form which allows a hiring manager to see the fields he needs at each step of the process (I've done this without issue) but I also want the IT department, HR and the Hiring manager to be led through the process - as much as possible automatically.

I've come to the conclusion that I need the following:

  • The dynamic form to be "Related" to a Service Request raised by the Service Desk on receipt of the new starter dynamic form,
  • The Service Request form "Process Fields" to be populated automatically with information from the new starter form,
  • The Process in the Service Request to be able to act upon the incident number of the "related" new starter form to reassign at the relevant points,

Can anyone think of a way to link up these needs, and does anyone know their JSON well enough to create code that would achieve the last two?