Approval groups and 50% requirement


We're working on implementing change management via SWSD, and are rolling out some basic CCI's as templates. We have a basic process built for each CCI, that includes an approval task/step.

I've built a group for our standard IS CAB group, and have set the approval task to go to this group and require 50% of the approvers. However, we're seeing that whenever one person from this group clicks approve, it marks the change as approved and closes the approval task rather than requiring 50% of the members to approve (which would be 3 approvals).

Is this working as designed or does it seem like a bug to anyone else? Is the only way to implement the 50% approver requirement to individually add approvers in the process flow? That seems like it would be cumbersome when the CAB group membership changes, having to update multiple change flows.

I just wanted to see if this is 'normal' before I log a support ticket.



  • This is working as intended.  You can add combinations of groups, users, and variables for approvers to a single approval task.  Then, if you have it set to 50% required, any approval from a listed group counts as an approval for that whole group.  So, if you had a group like your CAB, and two different individuals listed as approvers and need 50% or greater, than an approval by any of the group members plus one of the two individuals listed would qualify.  So, if you need 50% from a group of people, list them individually as approvers instead of as a group.

  • Thanks for clarifying and confirming that this is working as designed.