Automation Rules -- Cookbook

I have been heavily involved with the automation rules at my organization for SWSD to help reduce the tasks that could be automated. I wanted to start a discussion thread to share what automations others have put into place. I will probably post more of these as I have time, but here is one that is simple, and I really like.

Closed / No Contact State. -- Out of the box I noticed there is no option to close a ticket that no longer needs communication or response. A common use case for us are things like duplicate tickets, phishing notifications, or AD reports that Help Desk needs to look at where this is no actual user involvement.

1. I created a new State called "Closed - No Contact"

2. Created a new category called "No Contact Closure" for reporting purposes.

3. Made sure that the category is "No Contact Closure" is not set to send a survey within Service Desk Settings > Default Survey Delivery Settings. 

4. Checked Notifications to be sure that a closed status doesn't send a notification.

5. A) Trigger: Object Updated

B) Scope: Incident / Service Request

C) Conditions: Value updated to / State (Closed No Contact)

D) Actions: Change Category: No Contact; Change State to Closed.