Shared Files for Database Performance Analyzer
  • DB2 Database Size (MB)

    Within Db2 databases, the system table SYSIBMADM.TBSP_UTILIZATION stores information about tablespaces, and specifically their sizes. All rows can be added together to arrive at the size for the entire database. Once this metric is in place, here is a custom alert that can be used to notify you of excessive growth: To create the Custom Metric in DPA, click on Options > Custom Metrics and clik the...
    • 4 Jan 2023
  • Postgres CPU and Memory Utilization

    Description CPU utilization is not a base metric in DPA's Resource tab because the value is not available from within the database. However, by using Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW) we can make host information available to the database so that DPA can query it. If your Postgres database is running on Linux, there is a file name /proc/loadavg that provides CPU information, and /proc/meminfo that provides Memory information. Note: if you are using Windows, Performance Monitor (perfmon) can be used...
    • 6 Oct 2022
  • TempDB Contention

    Description Contributed by Spaceman Checks for tempdb contention. Had an issue recently caused by this, other metrics didn't highlight much of a problem other than high pagelatch waits. Resolved by adding more data files to tempdb in my case (other options are available though! see The Accidental DBA (Day 27 of 30): Troubleshooting: Tempdb Contention - Paul S. Randal ) Metric Definition To create the metric, click on Options > Custom Metrics and configure similar to the attached screenshot...
    • 6 Oct 2022
  • SQL Server Oldest Open Transaction

    This metric tracks the session with the oldest open transaction and returns the date difference in seconds. If you want to alert off this metric, ensure the thresholds are configured. Query Text SELECT ISNULL(MAX(DATEDIFF(second, start_time, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)), 0) FROM sys.dm_exec_requests WHERE open_transaction_count > 0
    • 6 Oct 2022
  • Synthetic Transaction to Measure Application Performance

    This custom metric tracks the time it takes for a query to execute against one of your monitored instances. The query can be something one of your applications runs often, a query that is important to your business, etc. In the example, I use a simple query against sys.dm_exec_requests DMV. If you want to alert off this metric, ensure thresholds are also configured and create a Resource Alert against it.
    • 6 Oct 2022
  • Custom Metric - Oracle Standby Database Log Apply Drift Metric

    This custom metric will collect data every 10 minutes and plot the delta between redo logs archived on the primary instance and logs applied on the standby instance. METRIC DEFINITION To create the custom metric, click on Options > Custom Resource Metrics and configure the metric similar to this: Database Type: Oracle Database Versions: <no limitations> Display Name: Log Apply Drift Description: <add your own description> Category: <add to whatevfer category you like or create...
    • 4 Oct 2022
  • SQL Server Page Splits per Second

    A page split typically occurs when an INSERT or UPDATE statement is adding data to a page but there is no space left to do so. In this case, SQL Server creates a new page and moves some of the data to it, thus a splitting of the page. This is a fairly normal process to occur when data is being added to the database. However, too many page splits can cause fragmentation and can hurt performance. This custom metric allows DPA to collect the data so it can be correlated to other metrics and performance...
    • 26 May 2022