WHD Asset Inventory reappears next day after deletion

I have been trying to delete a few assets that are in our asset inventory. I First deleted the asset, and then the manufacturer, as it was a duplicate in our system. Each time that I do this, it reappears the next morning. Is the WHD syncing with a backup, and not saving these? How can I ensure that these assets and manufacturer be permanently deletes from our help desk?

Thank you

  • Do you use Assign Discovery connectors, as these will bring in assets again? Can you provide details of how you have these configured and an asset example?

  • We do use the WHD discovery tool. We scan IP ranges' with a helpdesk username and PW to pull asset information for the asset. We have it configured to delete when assets are removed. And asset example would be an asset manufacturer, Hewlett Packard, with several models listed under them. We also have an asset manufacturer HP, with plenty more models. We wanted to remove the Hewlett Packard and models, because they are set as "hardware" instead of HP models listed as Laptops. I have tried changing the models to laptops, but they return as hardware the next day. I have also tried deleting the manufacture, but it comes back as well. I just want to remove it completely so that it is easier to track assets marked as "laptops".

  • within the discover configuration attribute mapping tab, tick "Do not overwrite existing value" for all 'Asset Number', "Asset Type" and "Model."

    Set the Asset Sync as 'Serial Number' to ensure you don't get duplicates

    Let the assets come in, then go to Setup - Assets - Manufacturers & Models, then change the Asset Types for the Models that are incorrect. Next time the sync happens it won't overwrite the Asset Types. You'll only need to do this for newly discovered Models