Can the Action Rule email notification field use a tickets client email address?

Trying to create a "warning for closure" status where an action rule would trigger an email be sent to the user warning of the their tickets impending closure if they don't respond.  <client_email> doesn't seem to work in the recipient field, seems like it has to be static email address.  Is there any way to tell it to use the clients email address from the ticket it was triggered from?


  • Not 100% sure if this is what you're looking for, but I've got something similar setup...

    What I've done was created a new email template (Setup/Email/Templates) that triggers an automatic email to the client when a tech changes the status to 'resolved'.

    The email to the client has a voting button in this case asking them if the issue was fixed or not.

    If Yes, then the ticket is automatically closed.

    If No, then the ticket is reopened and the tech is notified.

    To achieve something like based off of client response times (which is what I think you're after), would require at least an email template and a new action rule and probably a new status type.

    Something like:

    Action Rule Info

         * on all Ticket updates

         * only if criteria did not match before ticket was updated


         (matching ALL)     Latest Update Trigger     Email From a Client 

         (matching ANY)     Date     Updated     wihtin the last     ?     business days


         Change Status     No Response

    To really make sure you're covered, you'd create another action rule based off the above, but choose Client Interface instead of Email From a Client.

    Then in turn, create an email template to fire off a notice of impending closure to the client if the ticket status is No Response.

    (you'd reserve the No Response status for just this scenario)

    It looks good on paper but you might have to tweak it a bit emoticons_wink.png