Is there a way to create automation that sends an alert to the assignee if there has been no update to the ticket 2 hours after it was assigned to them?

In the Service Desk instructions for admins there is a page on "Time Based Automations" found here:

It gives as an example "Automatically send an email if there is no comment from the requester or agent within a specified period of time."

How would we go about setting that up?  I want to do something similar to that where an alert goes to the assignee if no comment or update has been done to the ticket a couple or a few hours after it got assigned to them.  I've gotten as far as creating a time based automation for 2 hours after ticket has been assigned but don't know how to then say "and no comment/update has been added".  I see that I can add a condition for "last update date/time" but the shortest time frame is "within last day".  Is there a way to what I'm trying to do?

  • Howdy ,

    The best way to accomplish what youi're looking for is by utilizing States in conjunction with the Time Based Automation.

    When a ticket is assigned to someone, the ticket will automatically update its status to Assigned(by default, unless you've changed the name of that state). You can set up your SLA rule to start counting for how long it sits in that state and have it notify them. To avoid that notification, they would need to change the status of the ticket, to something like In Progress as an example, which should only be done once they're responding to the requester. 

    This doesn't perfecting match your request, but there is no means to use the Time Based Automations to track if there is a "lack of a comment" within a certain amount of time. The SLA can do that, but it will start counting from the moment the ticket is created for the most part, and not based on when it was assigned to an agent. (plus, this is a reminder and not an SLA)

    Here's a screenshot of how I set one up:

    I hope this helps!