Do I understand automation rule "keyword" usage?

It's really hard to find info about keyword usage in the docs because the "keyword" term is not fully described, but when I create an automation with a regex keyword, my assumption was that it would be looking for the match to the regex in the incoming email subject or the ticket title and it would process the rule accordingly.

Here's the regex I used:

[(NOC|Network Operations)].+

and then the rule changes the priority and assigns it to my group.

My testing showed that the regex worked fine when an inbound email was received with the term "[NOC]" in the subject. In fact, I had the regex wrong when I first tested it and once it was fixed then the rule fired correctly.

But what also happened was that ALL tickets created after that rule was activated started getting processed! They all started getting assigned to my group with the new priority, even though there was no [NOC] or [Network Operations] keyword anywhere.

Did I overlook something? I'd like to enable again this rule but am worried I'll get the same behavior.


Still Newbeesaurus

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