Workday Integration with SolarWinds

Looking for someone that has experience integrating workday with SWSD. 

In short term would like to create automation that sends notification form an email sent from workday .  

Long term integration between workday and SWSD. 

Hiring manager completes onboard in workday - data map and opens ticked in SWSD. 

  • I would guess it could be pretty simple if you are going to use emails, those can kick things off by getting your incidents started in SD.  You'll want to look into having mailboxes set up for the sub categories to help you sort through them easily.  If you need to do more tight integration you can look into Zapier.  We used that to fill in the gaps for connecting to Conect Wise with our instance.

  • In short term, I would want to take an email from workday to SWSD create ticket and alert hiring manager to do work. 

    What we need to work towards is an API (I assume).   data mapping between workday form and swsd service catalog form. 

    It seems to be difficult finding a 3rd party to do this, yet I see lots of articles where company's are integrating workday with solarwinds. 

  • SWSD has an API, I've used it both internally with SWSD and externally using Zapier to update custom fields and they have people that wrote something to pass comments for me.

  • Who is "they"?  SWSD doesn't have anyone (per my account rep) that does API integration.  That's where I'm looking for assist.  

  • We went through Zapier and one of their parts at GetUWired.

  • Hi there kfix....we do have a Professional Services contact for API integration services.  It would require a meeting to scope the project and determine next steps.  Who is your account manager and I will forward the information?  Also, what is your tenant name for SWSD? 

    Thank you!


  • Hi Michael,    Our account manager,  is aware we have this requirement.  We met with SW partner in March.   There has been no movement.   This is now a critical need and at best we will require the ability to parse emails in the next weeks as all onboarding will move to Workday.  This requirement has led me to this forum in search of  a work around / solution.  Thanks!   

  • Understood.  I have reached out to the team to determine next steps to address your integration question.

    I want to mention something else as well.  I checked Workday's website and the homepage states "integrate with SolarWinds".  Have you checked the Community section or Support for integration documentation?  I have also requested any documentation (if any) for Workday.

    I will update you just as soon as I have more information.  Oh one last question, what is your SWSD URL?  The tenant name or company name would be helpful in getting the team members engaged.  Thank you!