Get Incidents, filter by Assigned?

I am trying to filter by user assigned. I am using the incidents operation; getIncidents from the API. I found this in the forum which helped a lot with querying via a time window:

I see a lot of query parameters being used but not documented nor mentioned here:

Does anyone have a source? Or is it possible to filter by assigned?

Thank you. 

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  • Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help.

    So I tried this out and that does not seem to work. I played with the URL for a bit. I took out the square brackets and instead of using the assignee ID, I used the group ID. I checked if the assignee is placed in any group, and they are not. This URL gives me what I want but why the group ID and not the ID #999999? Very odd.[Select+Date+Range]&created_custom_gte=[2022-04-23T08:28:00.6807143Z]&created_custom_lte=[2022-05-05T08:28:00.6807143Z]&assigned_to=100000&page=1&per_page=1000