External Integration?

I am trying to explore possible solutions from the product forums and documentation. I am not really seeing anything that could help. So I thought I would just post and see what is possible. 

Problem: For any newly incident created, we want solar winds service desk to generate a work order ticket in our system. I've been looking at Orion Integration and process integration. And had a few questions.

  • With process integration can push out an API call to an external source? I don't see an example of that anywhere. 
  • With the Orion Integration, can SWSD generate an Orion alert for when an incident is created? 
  • Hello! I'm not sure the Orion integration will do what you want. It looks like an Orion alert can generate an SWSD incident, but maybe not the other way around:

    From the documentation:

    The integration between Orion and SWSD is composed of two parts. Each part is mutually exclusive of the other. Although they can co-exist without one other, using both together helps achieve their full value.

    1. Integration of SolarWinds Orion with Discovery

    • The Orion Discovery tool aligns Orion assets data with ITSM by auto-populating Orion Nodes to the SWSD Change Mangement Database (CMDB) as Network devices.

    2. Integration of SolarWinds Orion with SWSD

    • Orion alerts that meet specific conditions can automatically create SWSD Incidents.

    • SWSD can receive an Incident record from any alert Orion can issue.


    For triggering something like what you need, your current best options are using the Zapier integration or running an external script that polls for new incidents using the SWSD API. You can use the "Process Integration" action for Service Catalog items, but there's not a good way to generate calls externally from within the system yet for other objects.

    To set up a Process Integration, you can add an applications using the area in Setup > Integrations > Process Integrations. Then, when you're editing a Service Catalog item, you can use the "Process Integration" action to generate an API call. As a note, it's really only useful for sending information out. You can't store the response objects anywhere.

  • External integration refers to the degree to which a firm can partner with its key supply chain members (customers and suppliers) to structure their inter-organizational strategies, practices, procedures and behaviors into collaborative, synchronized and manageable processes in order to fulfill customer requirements https://thwack.solarwinds.com/product-forums/solarwinds-service-desk-10eloto-swsd/f/forum/94595/external-integration

  • Use the Zapier Integration to a Web Hook.

  • FWIW, we are using the a couple of different methods to interface with ConnectWise Management(CWM).  Originally I was going to use Zapier, but found that the interface with SWSD was limited to New transaction types only so we opted to use email.  CWM, like SWSD, will create a ticket from email.  So we used that format in a Notification and have the Automation Rule that calls that either when it is assigned after creation or if its assigned at creation.  We still use Zapier to provide the ticket number from CWM to update a custom field and we also wrote a ZAP that resolves tickets in our system when they resolve it theirs.  Working on being able to share comments at the moment.

  • Howdy !

    Many customer create custom integrations with an almost identical use case as yours. I think the dilemma you're facing is,

    "Where will this integration be hosted?"

    A script would need to be written to check both tables and map the fields between the two systems, and that would need to be hosted somewhere outside of the platform. Historically, customers have used things like Heroku, but where you want to host a script to run is completely up to you.

    For these system-to-system integrations, it can be a good little bit of lift. Many times, professional services from a 3rd party may be required.

    Does this information help lend some clarity?