Does SWSD have the ability to identify software and systems by support tier? Or a place to identify this in the CMDB?

Looking to somehow identify what software/systems are Tier 0, Tier 1, Tier 2, etc... This way when we see an alert come in for (X System) we can identify it quickly and start a major incident process and know who the contacts are without having to dig in contracts and/or whatever is in our SharePoint.

Any leads or ideas on this? How are you doing it?


  • Hi LIzAsche.  I'm not entirely sure I know what you mean.  However, there is a Technical Owner field on the CI record that can be used to associate a support group with a CI.  

  • We do have technical owners identified but what I'd be looking for is a means to rank importance. So for example if we have an entry for [Mission Critical Business Application] and someone logged an incident on it, that it would have some sort of flag or popup or indicator that it's a Tier 0 / Tier 1 app and needs to be treated with white gloves. We'd apply the same Tiers to our servers, etc so we have easy ways to look at our DR, etc.

  • Now I understand.  Assuming you are on the Professional Tier of of Service Desk, then a custom field would be the way to go.  You can create a custom drop-down field with your Tier values.  It won't allow for a pop-up to point out when you have a higher tier, but you would at least be able to view the tier on the asset record.