Best Asset Tracking - LANSweeper vs SW Asset Discovery

Does anyone have experience with both of these products? Why does everyone recommend LANsweeper rather than Solarwinds Asset Discovery? What are the pro's and con's of each? 

  • I have experience of both - more Lansweeper than Solarwinds to be fair. The asset discovery in Lansweeper is faaaar superior in Lansweeper than Solarwinds - though for the actual helpdesk the reverse is true.

    The first thing is probably the layout - Lansweeper puts more information straight in front of you and is way easier on the eyes - too much white space in Solarwinds.

    Functionally, Lansweeper gives far more information - for example for a network switch it will list each port and have a hyper link to the device that is being detected as being connected to that port, allowing you to click through to that asset. It also has customisable actions - on an assets page I can click to ping that asset/open putty/open the asset's webpage etc. Solarwinds just gives you the name/IP/Model and open ports

    For Windows PCs, Lansweeper gathers far more information without using an agent than Solarwinds does - and again it has clickable actions - RDP to that machine/open c$/shutdown etc.

    There are way more reasons than that to be honest - but those are a good start.