How to limit visibility of Service Catalog items to users from a specific country/site/department?

We are supporting teams in multiple countries, and would like to be able to offer customized service catalog items for each country. ie: Show the correct costs and configurations for hardware and software for the local country. How can we limit visibility of Service Catalog items based on a user field? This could be country, site, department or a custom field, but we are hoping this is possible, otherwise SWSD is quite limited in terms of serving global companies.

  • Hi ,  

    We currently support the ability to limit the catalog items a user can view and edit by using permissions based on Site, Department and more of the catalog item's properties. 
    That means you will need to create different service catalog items for each country, per your example.
    We currently do not support customizing and displaying the same service catalog properties differently according to local. 

    Please let me know if that answers your questions or if it requires a deeper dive. 


  • Thanks. One comment, it would seem Site and Department are the main ways to filter this. It does work, though it means we either have to create way more SC items if we use Site, and lose the functionality of the department field if we use that. It would be nice to be able to also adjust the scope using either a Country field or a custom field.

  • Yes I understand.

    However, we do have more fields such as State, category and sub category.