Server & Application Monitor (SAM) 2019.4 Is Now Generally Available

I'm pleased to announce that Server & Application Monitor (SAM) 2019.4 is now available and can be downloaded from Customer Portal and In prior releases, SAM 6.9.x brought our AppInsight monitoring capabilities to your on-premises Active Directory environment and added quite a few Microsoft Azure and Office 365 application templates. Version 2019.4 is the next release following SAM 6.9.1 and is compatible with Orion Platform 2019.4.

What's New in SAM 2019.4

SAM 2019.4 release notes

Orion Platform 2019.4 release notes

AppInsight for Active Directory

Active Directory is the backbone application of every business, and as such we knew we wanted to do more. In many customer interviews, a clear theme arose - my company acquired a new company, and we're starting the painful process of merging assets. They need to access our corporate applications immediately. Enter the age old problem of keeping track of your configured domain trusts.

For those of you already monitoring your domain controllers with AppInsight for Active Directory, all that's necessary is to upgrade to SAM 2019.4.

Navigate in your menu to 'Applications' and Click on 'Active Directory'


A new widget to help track the trust relationship between your Trusted and Trusting domains will be at your fingertips.


Hovering over the relationship will show you additional insight into the trust attributes.


API Polling

Long time customers have enjoyed the flexibility of using our out-of-the-box application templates and customer shared application templates to monitor applications using component monitors such as the HTTP and HTTPS monitor. These component monitors among others allowed administrators to check the status of their websites, but over time the complexity of applications have moved the source of monitoring truth into standard defined APIs such as our own SolarWinds Orion SDK, SolarWinds Pingdom API​ and SolarWinds AppOptics API

Naturally, you can still use the flexibility of the PowerShell component monitor, or other scripting options, but why spend the time to debug a script when you don't have to?

Customers agree and have voted for a component monitor to be added.

While this is not a component monitor in the traditional sense, we have begun to build something new.  The new workflow utilizes a new technology stack, a simplifies the design to allow for custom headers and brings some improvements to the tried and true workflow of application templates.

Even if you don't have an API at hand to test it out, you can utilize REST API test endpoints such as the one I've used below.


Try things out by Configuring SAM to monitor what Pingdom monitors and let us know your thoughts on the new workflow.

Hardware Health for Nutanix Clusters

In 2015, our Nutanix partners detailed a process in which SolarWinds customers could gain visibility into their Nutanix environments using our SolarWinds UnDP solution.

Customers who utilized it wanted more, as evidenced by these THWACK requests and customer interviews.

I'm happy to announce that in this release we have collaborated with the Virtualization Manager product team to deliver a combined technical preview of Nutanix monitoring along with deep visibility into the hardware health of their Nutanix supported hardware platforms

Hardware health for Nutanix appliances are available through the Prism CVMs, and thus are independent of the hypervisor (VMware, Hyper-V or AHV) hosted on the appliance.

After following the steps outlined in: Configuring SAM to monitor Nutanix environments for hardware health the monitored Nutanix host details page will contain the following details.


Upgrade Now from My Orion Deployment

Don't forget that you can upgrade to 2019.4 from your My Orion Deployment page if you're on SAM 6.9. For a refresher - check out how I upgraded my environment from SAM 6.9 to  SAM 6.9.1 - Upgrading from My Orion Deployment


What's Next

Looking for more information on what we'll be working on now that 2019.4 is out the door? Take a look at What We're Working On For Server & Application Monitor (Updated July, 2019) and advocate for the features you want us to be working on here Server & Application Monitor Feature Requests