What We're Working On Beyond SAM 6.4 (Updated March 17, 2017)

Version 13

    Server & Application Monitor (SAM) 6.4 has been released and delivered new features like Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring for AWS and Performance Analysis Dashboard (PerfStack). You can read more in depth about all of the new features included in this release here. As always, we continue to work on delivering new and enhanced features for SAM. Below you will see some those features we are working for future releases.


    Unexpected Simplicity

    • Integrated Disaster Recovery Engine – Disaster recovery will provide redundancy to the Orion platform in multi-subnet deployment configurations.
    • Simplified Discovery Wizard – New discovery process with simplified steps, for a faster and easier monitoring experience.


    Hybrid IT

    • Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) Monitoring v2 – Extending the ability to seamlessly monitor workloads hosted by Amazon and Microsoft public cloud providers.


    Application-Centric Troubleshooting

    • Automatic Application Dependency Mapping and Visualization – Discovery and topology view of multi-application and infrastructure relationships.
    • Application Service Dashboard - High level view and status of business critical applications.
    • Intelligent Application Discovery – Automatic identification of applications running in an environment.
    • Support for Monitoring Always On Availability Groups – Ability to monitor Microsoft SQL Server Always On Availability Groups with AppInsight for SQL.
    • ARM Linux Agent - Linux Agent for ARM based devices such as Raspberry Pi


    As Always, if there is something you would like to see on our roadmap, please make sure to submit a new or vote for an existing feature request.