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    In the comments of What We're Working On For Server & Application Monitor (Updated December, 2019) you'll notice that I specified for those of you who are on SAM 6.9, you now have the ability to upgrade your whole upgrade from the web console.

    I'd like to explore what this means for those of you who are looking to upgrade to SAM 6.9.1 or even Orion Platform 2019.2 Hotfix 1


    In the screenshot below you can see I have my Orion deployment installed with Orion Platform 2019.2, SAM 6.9, and VMAN 8.5 with VMware Events.

    Clicking on Settings -> My Orion Deployment -> Updates Available takes me to the following screen.



    I see I have a new upgrade to SAM 6.9.1 available. Clicking "Check Readiness" will allow me to see whether I meet the conditions to upgrade.

    Looks like my connection to all the servers in my deployment is good.

    Clicking 'Next" will allow me to see if there are any Preflight checks that would prevent my upgrade from occurring.

    It looks like I need to confirm that I have backed up my database and in addition need to check into some mismatched Microsoft updates across my servers.

    Also, I'm missing some .NET 4.8 updates, but this upgrade will install it for me on those servers. I just need to remember to reboot those machines. For those of you who aren't ready to upgrade, at this point simply hit 'cancel' and plan for your next change window.

    Personally I'm ready to upgrade, so I will confirm my database backup and proceed.


    Accept the EULA

    and start my upgrade

    What a wonderful feeling, I didn't have to go anywhere to look for the correct SolarWinds Orion installer. This is how all upgrades should be.


    Note: while my main polling engine is being upgraded, my web console is down. During this time, installation progress will be shown on a temporary page, but after completion, I will be redirected to my main web console.

    I recommend not closing this temporary page because the only way to navigate back to it is to RDP into the main polling engine server and clicking on the shortcut "My Orion Deployment"


    Happy upgrading! Let us know how it went for you in your upgrade.