Resource Metric Report

DPA does not include a report for Resource Metric values shown on the Resources tab in the GUI. However, the DPA repository can be mined with the attached query to retrieve any metric that DPA is collecting.

Metric Names

The metric name used in an example script is named SQL Disk Read Latency, but other metric names can be found in the ignite.con_metrics_names_ID table. The ID value can be replaced with the ID value from the "select id, name from ignite.cond order name name" query.

Executing the Query

To execute this query, open Management Studio (or other query tool), connect to the DPA repository, copy/paste in the attached query and modify the first 4 variables as needed.

Note: this script uses the "ignite" schema when referencing tables. Some installations configured the DPA repository to use the "dbo" schema, so if you get errors about the ignite schema, remove it and the script should then work.