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The thing I most remember about THWACKcamp is...

Let's pivot a little bit and discuss THWACKcamp.  Here are my top three memories (in no certain order)

I remember the year before I became a Solarian, I won the Bluetooth speaker in the THWACKcamp drawing.  When I was asked what color I wanted it, I replied, "What else? Orange and gray."

Then I remember my first THWACKcamp session.  I can still feel the sweat on my brow.  I think the poor video team had about 118 minutes of content and were only able to cut together the 30-35 minutes needed outside of me blowing lines, laughing nervously, or having a stricken look on my face.

Lastly, I remember playing D&D the night before THWACKcamp 2017 with a bunch of the MVPs in a room together.  We decorated the room (thanks to ) and then played for hours.  Many of us needed to be up and ready for the next day, and it was a great, great time.  That's (partially) what inspired adding polyhedral dice to the THWACK store.

What about everyone else?

  • ThwackCAMP 2017 attending in person, Not playing in the D&D regretfully, but did learn about a very cool game called SysadMANIA! which I proudly have my copy still in the plastic.  And when we all came out in the Shirts for Kellie.  That was cool.  

    in the early years getting like 30,000 points for attending both days.   OK Points might be exaggerated... But there were a lot of points.

    The first time attending a CAMP and being totally Awed by the knowledge transfer.   Don't get me wrong they are still good, but it's different now.   They used to be a bit rawer, and crazy.  Now everything seems very produced.  We went from Lab coats, to Polo's, to Awesome t-shirts, you can usually find in the ThwackSTORE currently 20% off until June 28th.   (Intentional Plug so Kevin will allow me back into the MVP Crowd once I renew my licenses in 2023)

  • I've attended most Thwackcamps but only just for the start due to the timezone difference but by far the most enjoyable (and the one I was there for the whole event) was attending in person in 2017. It was my first time in America and I loved it. I loved Austin and being at Solarwinds was simply awesome. The event is one I shall never forget. In fact I'm still using the backpack when I go into the office. Thanks Solarwinds!