Remove inactive techs that have no tickets in WHD

Have WHD 12.7.12.  We have a drop down list of 26 techs listed but 2 techs are set to inactive actaully have 0 tickets ever. And we have 3 techs that left and they only have  6 or 7 tickets that are 3 years old and not relevant. We would like to remove these 2 or 5 techs from the search as it is taking up space in the drop down menu. We already have 9 techs that left with tickets that are set to inactive taking up space. Thanks

  • Are you asking if there is a downside to deleting Techs?

  • No, we cannot delete old techs just make inactive. But the Basic Search and Advanced Search still list the techs that are inactive with an I at the end ot their name and the list is long. We would like to delete the Techs that have no tickets or just a few tickets. Making inactive is not good enough. Just asking if it can be done or added to future releases. Thanks

  • You need to be an Administrator; Inactivate the Tech first, and then delete.

    Delete Tech button

  • I'm asking what the downside is of deleting techs?  What I've found is that you can't search for tickets for them anymore once you've deleted them.  So in terms of producing reports of past ticket history, you can't search for all tickets that XYZ tech acted on, because they won't be in the search drop-downs if you do that.  Maybe this is a minor issue, but for me it just shows how "unpolished" Web Help Desk is, in that there's nobody going around the product to say "Oh...yeah for this field, we don't need to show INACTIVE techs, but for THIS Field (search screens) it's important to show ACTIVE techs.

    Or as another idea...put a checkbox on the Search Screen that says "Show Inactive Techs" which would allow someone like me to still do reports easily for inactive employees, without muddying up the screen for others with a huge list of formerly employed techs.  Seems like a feature request for sure...I'll put that one in after I've seen the other many feature requests I've submitted get implemented.

    For now I simply put up with seeing inactive tech's in the drop downs even though I don't like it, because I'd rather not delete old tech accounts for the purposes of allowing me to do good reporting.

  • Prepending a lower case "z" to the inactive techs' last name, e.g. "zSmith", will drop them down the list, putting all the active techs above.  If you have active techs whose last name initial letter is "Z", use "zz" or "zzz".  It's not an uncommon practice used in cases like this, 

  • Cool suggestion!  But the approach is necessary because Web Help Desk is fraught with poor design and lack of forethought.  Software should be designed to accommodate for normal use situations.  My vote is that the software be amended in a way that doesn't cause us to need to resort to the "Use a Z" tactic, employed when systems weren't as sophisticated as they can be today.  A good programming team can make the behavior being described here happen in a flash...and would just have done so "out of the box".  Good software design recognizes users come and go...just like how the developers designed the "Contacts" module coming pre-designed with an active/inactive flag...which removes those contacts from searches.  The same could easily have been designed for tech accounts.  

  • I do similar with things like Locations which cause all sorts of issues if deleted and you forget related Action Rules might apply which then produces hundreds of errors once a single Location is deleted!