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Create New User Work Flow

Current we use this process to create user:

  1. Request comes from HR
  2. IT Create User Account, Groups, Email (Template0
  3. Folder owner approves Folder access (request folder access)

We bought Solar Winds and would like to use this to create workflow:

Our current process is:

  1. HR sends a request to the helpdesk
  2. IT creates the new user account, mailbox and default groups.  If additional folder are requested the IT Helpdesk request access from the owner using the same Helpdesk Ticket.  Once approve or denied, access is given.
  3. IT creates users Personal and Common Drive
  4. IT Create users Badge
  5. IT Setup users computer.

Can the current process be executed in Solar Winds? It will be Onboarding in solar Winds where all workflow will be created here.

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