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Public tenant

Currently we're using SolarWinds Service Desk for internal ticketing/asset management only, with accounts being created only for our IT staff and a few building tenants that need to submit tickets to our facilities manager.  We have it restricted so only a few domains can submit tickets, create accounts or even receive emails via the standard SolarWinds tenant settings.

Our Support Services (SS, non-IT) section has requested their own licenses so they can take in tickets from their coordinators and the public.  Our initial thought was to provision SS in our existing tenant, but

  • Allow SS to have/see just their own category
  • Create an email dropbox for that category so the public can submit tickets to them
  • Limit the domains allowed to submit to the regular IT part of the tenant at the mailbox level, since we wouldn't be able to do it at the SW level anymore.  This wouldn't prevent account creation via the Portal though

There were concerns regarding 'opening' this up to the public, mixing of public accounts with internal, spam, and a bunch of other things.  We started talking again, and are now leaning towards giving them their own tenant, with IT providing support when necessary via screen share (since we won't have licensed accounts in their system).  They wouldn't be able to escalate/re-assign tickets to IT as easily (hopefully rare), we'd have two systems/account sets to manage, but it would keep things separate and alleviate many of the concerns.

So, our questions

  • which sounds like the more viable option? 
  • Are there other options that could/should be considered? 

We appreciate any feedback!

  • Howdy !

    I would definitely recommend using a separate tenant. The services provided are separate and the target audience is quite different. 

    As for other considerations, I think you've already got a good idea of how to help manage this with your SS team! This is a great time to reach out to your Account Manager and schedule a call. You can even say that Sean advised we chat about best options. Slight smile