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Is there no way to get escalations or SLAs based on Due Date for Service Requests?

It seems to me that a due date is being entered because that is the date something is due. Whether that's the start date of a new employee, or a request needing to happen prior to a conference or meeting date. As a result, that's a pretty important date, but I can't see any way to escalate if a service request is not completed by that date?  Is there anything I'm missing in SLA or Automations that would accomplish this behavior?

  • Hello! 

    Thank you for your feedback! Today this is not available, and the due date is strictly for informative purposes. I have submitted this request to our product team on your behalf.

    Some customers will handle this situation leveraging SLAs. Specifically the time to resolution. Based on the type of request, you can set the criteria for when you expect a ticket to be completed. If a service request doesn't meet the timing you specify, then you can escalate to another group, bump the priority, etc! 

    I hope that helps!

  • I was recently struggling with this issue.  Our use case is:

    * We measure Low/Med Incident resolution based on Due Date if it is supplied by the customer, or SLA if no date is provided.

    * All Service Requests are measured by Due Date as supplied by the customer.

    Thus, in order to review daily numbers, the team must look at SLA resolution breaches and manually look for tickets that have passed a due date.  In addition, we've had to create a custom checkbox called "SLA Override" that we set on Low/Med priority Incidents when a due date is specified, which changes ticket priority to None to avoid SLA timers from firing - there is no way to create a rule that looks for "is a due date set?"  It's not ideal.

    I understand that many IT teams leverage SLAs (or variations) to track performance, however we believe this undervalues VOC.  I.e. when someone asks for something to be fixed or request service with an "unrealistic" deadline, we try to learn from that (do we need to step up our game, set better expectations, etc?).

    The ability to perform better date actions in SLA definitions and elsewhere as the original poster indicated would actually go a long way towards helping us use the system more effectively.

    * is a ticket with (some time) of due date?

    * is a due date in the past?

    * is a due date the previous business day?


  • Someone liked my comment today, so I thought I'd pass on that SLAs aren't adequate unless I can base the SLA on the important date.

    If a new employee is onboarding in a month, then the date that really matters is not when the ticket was suibmitted, but the date the user is going to start.

    Further, I'm super-frustrated with SLAs because we have service requests that get stuck in approval, and there's no good way for an SLA to pick that up, and then to automatically email the folks who have the approval task.  It requires an agent to manually go resend the approval email or otherwise manually do something with a ticket.