No longer receiving Reports

Is anyone else having issues with receiving report exports? I stopped receiving scheduled reports around 30 April.  When I run a report and export, it can take a few minutes to hours to receive it.  If I run a report on 1 to 3 days, I can download it immediately.

  • Have you verified the account used to run the report hasn't had a password change to it? That is usually the first thing that I would check. Also there is a 'bug' in reports and whomever the last person that viewed the report configuration or schedule is the account that is tied to the report next time it runs. So if you create a report and get it all scheduled and working and another person goes out and opens you report or report schedule their account will then be associated with the report, not the one that you had designated for running the report. If that person rotates their password the report will no longer run. It would be nice if the product locked down the report to only the report creator and anyone else only had read only access or had to make a copy of it to make changes.